Open House Sunday 521 Jackson Way Pevely, MO

Striking Pevely atrium ranch, with lots of curb appeal, features 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths and over 3,500 sq. ft. of comfortable living space. 

Special amenities include a brick front elevation, designer color schemes, an open floor plan, hand scraped hardwood and tile flooring, 9", vaulted, barrel vaulted and tray ceilings, millwork, updated lighting fixtures, 7 1/4" baseboards, 2 1/2" blinds & 6 panel doors with oiled bronze levers. 

Set on a beautifully landscaped .5 acres lot, with scenic views, and an inviting deck and patio....This home is conveniently located just minutes from golf course, shopping, dining and access to I-55. 

Come see me Sunday April 28, 2019 from 1pm - 3pm 

Make this dream home your next home!

Kurstin Raposaa Realtor specializing in assisting buyers and sellers throughout St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding area including, but not limited to, Jefferson County, South County, St. Charles County, and St. Louis County with Exit Elite RealtyNo…

Marketability of Your Home

The title alone should have you wondering what in the Hades I am talking about. And keep in mind the actual value of the property is not the same as the marketability. Property value is determined by floor plan, structural integrity, location, size and other features mentioned in a prior blog post.

Marketability of a home is based off of more subjective items. You can't argue the location of a home. I mean. You COULD but most homes are permanent structures so arguing over the location won't change it's actual location. Where as aspects of the property such as the condition, attractiveness, and overall appeal are and could be modified.

The more specialized the home, the more narrow of field and more specific of a buyer you are going to be looking for and will typically take longer to sell. Have a purple room? It may seem like a small inconvenience but some people are known for going to extreme measures to avoiding even the smallest of inconveniences.  

Don't believe me? Ju…

Importance of Pricing Your Home

Picking a price point that appeals to buyers is more complex than one may originally think. I know I have previously mentioned in a vlog that one of an agent's duties is to pair your wants and needs with that of a home. Well, that means in any market you essentially have to sell your home at least three times.
First, you need to sell it to the agents. Nowadays there are lots of ways to facilitate a buyer but the largest pool is still controlled by the real estate agents. Agents that have knowledge of the current market trends will guess before arriving if the home is worth the price tag and will only be assured of this after viewing the property.

Second, you need to sell it to the buyers. Once an agent brings a prospective buyer, your home now has to appeal to the one who may eventually live in it. Not just appeal by things you can't change such as location but also the condition and cleanliness.

Thirdly, you need to sell it to the bank. You had agents bring buyers and one (or mo…

What is a Title Agency?

If you are in the market to purchase, sell a home, or both, then you will be asked about a title search on the prospective property. A title search is not something that is lawfully necessary to complete the transfer of property but comes highly recommended.

A title's agency is there to basically represent the property. You have a seller's agent for the seller, a buyer's agent for the buyer, and a title agent for the property. 

While that may sound a little bananas, isn't the general populace a little bananas? Wouldn't you want protection from those rotten ones? A clear title is worth any price for peace of mind. 

Today I spoke with Amy Cochrane from True Title and learned that title agencies have access to extensive amounts of data to search for different liens, easements, legal restrictions, leases, and judgments on properties. Based off their search the title company may place requirements on the seller that are mandated to be met before the property can exchange o…

Home Buyer's Remorse

I know I have mentioned in a past blog that a home purchase is one of the largest most people will make in their lifetime. This is still very true ans the real commitment to the process starts the moment you submit an offer on a home.

I say this because once the seller accepts the offer you are now legally bound to the process. You can back out of the process at any time including all the way up to closing date but there will be legal consequences. The longer you wait to back out, the worse they probably will be.
Think of it this way. You've had all sorts of inspections completed. You've negotiated through your agent for the seller to do repairs and as a result the seller has invested more money into the home to your specifications. You decide it's not the home for you.
How do you think the seller is going to feel?
Do you think they'll be okay with you backing out of the contract? That they'll be happy to let you go and they'll just go find another buyer?
Odds are g…

What Does a Buyer's Agent do?

Last week I reviewed what a seller's agent should do for you. Now let's review the flip side of that coin: a buyer's agent. This legwork is a lot different than a seller's agent and not on just the premise that you are clearly buying a home, not selling one.

A buyer's agent will ask the harder questions. Especially involving your finances. What may feel like an intrusion into a taboo topic is really a game changer for YOU. Think of it this way, if you're not pre-aproved or approved for a home and you sign a contract, you can still be legally obligated to either complete the purchase (whether you have the money or not) or forfeit your earnest money. Or worse, it goes to court because the seller is angry.

The basic financial questions don't seem so bad, now do they?

We are not financial advisers. We are not looking to tell you how to manage your money or where to invest it. We are also not going to judge you on how you've been spending your money. BUT a home…

What Does a Seller's Agent do?

Good question and obviously based off exactly who you ask, the answer will always change and evolve. As it should. Technology changes and communication with it, so why wouldn't a real estate profession change too? But let's touch on the nitty gritty of what it is you are paying them to do.

Obviously you are paying them to facilitate the buyer of a home but what exactly does that entail? In its most simplest form, it's putting a sign in your yard and putting your information into a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). A MLS is all the data about taxed properties a real estate agent could possibly want technologically streamlined for everyone's convenience.

Now. Is that ALL they do? It shouldn't be. Even if it was for a listing of a home in a hot area of town where homes are selling fast, you want someone that has an excellent marketing strategy with both paper and digital. Here at Exit there's a slew of things digitally that you have available to you just for picking a…